Finally, You Get to Dislike on Facebook

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facebookSocial Media network Facebook on Friday responded to solve its users’ call for a dislike button, in the form of six new emoji so you can now get to dislike on Facebook.

Speaking on the latest development, Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer, Facebook, noted that for a long time that the feature wouldn’t be integrated in the “dislike” button that many people had asked for.

Mark Zuckerberg had dropped a hint last month that the social media site was planning to expand the ‘Like button’, thereby creating more ways for people to express their feelings.

He disclosed that the new development is going be in form of emojis that represent ‘Haha, Yay, Love, Wow, Sad and Angry.’

According to Zukerberg, similar to the Like button, the reactions will appear on any post in the news feed on mobile or desktop.

The number of reactions that any post has received will sit underneath the post and users will be able to see who reacted and how.

Thus, to test run the latest development, the site will start rolling out the feature in Spain and Ireland and once the buttons are rolled out to a users’ feed, there’ll be no way of turning them off.


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