Easter Slam: After 14-Years, Armageddon Soldiers Set To Reunite

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The Armageddon Soldiers are please to announce its Reunion after 14 years of being off the entertainment industry, where they set to thrill Jos city with Easter Slam.

Imagine a journey back in time, over two decades ago, when a group of spirited young individuals, representing various tribes and regions, discovered a shared passion – the profound love of God nestled within our hearts. Through dance, rap, music, acting, poetry, and a myriad of artistic expressions, we painted the canvas of our souls.

Armageddon Soldiers collective talents took them on an odyssey across the nation, where they graced intimate hood venues, reverent church concerts, compelling prison performances, and countless other stages.

Life’s twists and turns led us down divergent paths, dispersing us into new pursuits for more than 14 years.

On the auspicious Easter Day, the 31st of March, at 3 pm, a sensational reunion event dubbed “Easter Slam” will unfold at the elegant Crest Hotel near the historic airport. I extend a heartfelt invitation to you, with a specially reserved seat awaiting your presence.

This is a unique opportunity to relive the magic of our past collaborations and experience an unforgettable showcase of talent and passion. Each performance promises to captivate and enchant, offering you an evening filled with exhilarating entertainment.

Your attendance at this momentous occasion will undoubtedly be a highlight, rekindling cherished memories and celebrating our shared artistic legacy. Your presence will add vibrancy and richness to this reunion of kindred spirits.

I eagerly anticipate your company at this extraordinary event, knowing it will be a time of joy, nostalgia, and boundless creativity. Join us for an evening of unforgettable performances and heartfelt connections.

Thank you for considering this invitation, and I eagerly await the pleasure of your presence.

This Reunion event (Easter Slam) to hold in a Grand style on the 31ST March, 2024 at the prestigious Crest hotel Jos, Plateau State.

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