Alex Iwobi Ranks His preferred Nigerian Artist

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After making its return on social media, Alex Iwobi’s most recent disclosure ignited the Nigerian music scene.

When asked what genre of music he liked, English or Nigerian, the midfielder for Premier League team Fulham responded quickly, stating that he preferred Nigerian music, foremost Afrobeats.

The player then responded to another question, declaring that Wizkid was his favorite Nigerian artist of all time. His comment is noteworthy, particularly in light of the rap video, which fans assume he created.

Wizkid is a superstar in Nigeria’s music business, having won numerous honors. He was the first male musician to get a Grammy Award for his smash collaboration Brown Skin Girl, which he shared with the Queen of Pop, Beyoncé.

There has been speculation concerning Alex Iwobi’s future in the music industry. Regardless, greater popularity and recognition for Afrobeats will undoubtedly benefit the industry.

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